'Communion'   Walleah Press        


ALLISON, Dael:     Fairweather's Raft
AUSTIN, Susan:      Undertow
BENNETT, Stefanie:      The Vanishing
BOWERY, Nicola:      married to this ground
BRINKLOW, Laurie:      My island's the house I sleep in at night
BROPHY, Kevin:      Radar (with Nathan Curnow)
BURKE, Andrew:      Undercover of Lightness
BURKE, Andrew:      One Hour Seeds Another
BURKE, Andrew:      New & Selected (2020)
COLLINS, Anne:     T he Language of Water
COLVILLE, Jan:     Journey
CROOME, Rodney:      From This Day Forward: Marriage Equality in Australia
CURNOW, Nathan:      Radar (with Kevin Brophy)
DIONYSIUS, B.R.:      Weranga
DRYBURGH, James:      Essays from Near and Far
EDMOND, Martin:      Histories of the Future (with photography by Maggie Hall)
FROST, Zenobia:      Salt and Bone
GALBRAITH, Janet:      re-membering
GUY, Rachael:      the hungry air
HALE, John:      Ports of Call
HANNAFORD, Kristin:      CURIO
HAY, Pete:      FORGOTTEN CORNERS: Essays in Search of an Island's Soul
HINDRUM, Cameron:      Private Conversations, Vol. 2
HUMMEL, Kathryn:      Poems from Here
JOHNSON, Judy:      Stone Scar Air Water
JONES, Jill:      Ash is Here, So are Stars
KELLAS, Anne:      The White Room Poems
KENNEALLY, Cath:      Eaten Cold
KNIGHT, Karen:      Renovating Madness (with Liz McQuilkin)
LAING, Harry:      unsettled
LANG, Kristen:      SkinNotes
LANSDOWN, Andrew:      Inadvertent Things
MCCAULEY, Shane:      Trickster
MCGUIGAN, Lorraine:      Blood Plums
MCQUILKIN, Liz:      The Nonchalant Garden
MCQUILKIN, Liz:      Renovating Madness (with Karen Knight)
MERCER, Gina:      Weaving nests with smoke and stone
MITCHELL, Paul:      Standard Variation
PAGE, Vanessa:      Confessional Box
PAGE, Vanessa:      Tourniquet
PIELOOR, Janet:      ripples under the skin
POS, Margaretta:      Mrs Fenton's Journey
REEVES, Lyn:      field of stars
RYAN, Brendan:      Walk like a Cow (memoir)
RYAN, Brendan:      The lowlands of Moyne (poetry)
SCULLY, Paul:      An Existential Grammar
SHARKEY, Michael (edited):     Many Such As These: Victorian Australian Women Poets of World War One
SUMMERS, Paul:      primitive cartography
THORNE, Tim:      The Unspeak Poems and other verses
VAN RIJSWIJK, Philomena:      Bread of the Lost
WALTER, Lesley:      Life Drawings
WILLIAMS, Lucy:      Internal Weather