Paul Mitchell, 'Standard Variation'

Paul Mitchell: 'Standard Variation'

Paul Mitchell is a poet and fiction writer. He lives in Melbourne.

His short fiction collection, Dodging the Bull (Wakefield Press) was published in 2007 and was part of the 2008 The Age State Library Summer Read. He has also published two collections of poetry, Minorphysics (IP, 2003) and Awake Despite the Hour (Five Islands Press, 2007). Minorphysics won IP’s national IP Picks Award for Best Unpublished Australian Poetry Manuscript.


Paul Mitchell’s new book has a cleanness of line and a generosity of vision. When reading through Standard Variation Neruda’s expression ‘fully empowered’ comes to mind.
               Kevin Hart

Standard Variation is the best of Paul Mitchell. His poems are threaded with the spiritual, the ethereal and the very guts of life. As always he is considered, precise and completely compelling.”
               alicia sometimes