GALBRAITH, Janet - "re-membering"

Janet Galbraith: 're-membering'

“In what little sun/ this day allows” Janet Galbraith writes poems of rare clarity, precision and beauty: poems as luminous as shards of coloured glass and that score and cut as deep. Deceptively simple lines reveal unexpected depths and shades and are saturated with meaning. Troubling, mysterious, relentless, affirming, this is an unforgettable collection.
          Suvendrini Perera

Janet Galbraith lives in Jaara country – Castlemaine, Victoria. Her poetry is presented in various forms – written word, performance, poetic collage, and multi-media, has been published in print and on-line journals, presented on radio and exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions. Janet co-ordinates the Castlemaine Vigil in Recognition of Aboriginal Sovereignty and in Solidarity with Refugees. This is her first poetry collection.