Janet Pieloor, 'ripples under the skin'

Janet Pieloor: 'ripples under the skin'

'ripples under the skin’, by Canberra poet Janette Pieloor, was published in May, 2015. It is Janette’s first collection of poetry, and was Highly Commended in the 2016 ACT Writing and Publishing Awards.

“Janette Pieloor’s poems play with language and ideas in a highly visual and melodic way. Evocative, enigmatic, they explore the connections between lovers, strangers and generations, reaching towards wholeness but acutely aware of the fragmentation inherent in our humanity. Questioning and compassionate, these glimpses into the poet’s and other’s lives create scenes that are both dark and beautiful, edged with light.”

“Janette Pieloor has packed all the pain of her past into these poems; her emotional realism conveys scepticism, even cynicism, and candour. ‘Ripples Under the Skin’ is a brave record of lost love written in free verse that employs a taut sardonic tone to express yearning.”