ANDREW BURKE, 'New & Selected (2020)'

cover 'New and Selected (2020)', by Andrew Burke

To see it all together like this has been a revelation. .... Poetry may not save us collectively, but Burke shows what it can do for the individual, and readers can’t help but be strengthened and encouraged by that, as I have been.

The poems are full of objects, incidents, people, things seen or heard. {Burke} has a very good ear and sense of rhythm ... I can hear your voice and get the emotional shadings, and the humour and the irony ...

Burke is a gifted handler of the colloquial and it’s always with the leap and constraint in that poetic line of record he has made his own ... He’s one of the few poets who can mix sincerity with irony in the same line, never mind in the same poem.

This collection is in turns engaging, amusing, heartbreaking, whimsical and profound. A huge achievement!

'New & Selected (2020)'

a poetry collection from Andrew Burke

Walleah Press (December 2020)

$20.00 (includes postage within Australia)