JAN COLVILLE, poetry collection 'Journey'

cover 'Journey', by Jan colville

Lyn Reeves
Journey leads the reader into richly experienced and sometimes imagined worlds, entered into with curiosity, empathy and delight. In language that is evocative, deft and clear, the poet responds to loved ones and lovers, to writers, artists, philosophers, inventors and strangers, and to wild and beautiful places, sharing moments of discovery and insight. These are intelligent, sensual and rewarding poems, celebrations of life and the multiplicity of influences that contribute to the story of one woman’s journey to her ‘self ’.

This is a captivating and enriching collection – from the book’s opening poem:

start where we all remember
let’s call it silence

to the final poem, where

love met love/ and language fled …

Liz Winfield
Jan Colville has a unique poetic voice that comes from nowhere and everywhere, and resonates through spirit, skin, right down into the marrow of mind. She wields words with a scalpel of precision, and with a poet’s eye as clear as Odin’s Ravens.

These poems made my brain happy, and I was smiling all the way down to my toes. These are poems to tickle the neurones and let them dance. These poems do their delicate work within me as if fine- tuning something true that turns like a key, unlocking precious forgotten things that make me whole. Sometimes when a mind brushes against another, we see the world made new. Jan Colville’s poetry does that.

Jan Colville, poetry collection 'Journey'

Walleah Press (June 2019)

$20.00 (includes postage within Australia)