BRENDAN RYAN, 'Walk Like a Cow'

cover 'unsettled', by Harry Laing

Don Watson
Here is the child, the youth and the young man finding his footing amidst the mysteries of cows and the ruthless cycles of the farm, the dry-eyed melancholy of the milking-shed and the mercy of the weather. Here also are the puzzles of existence contained in parents and siblings, in small things and small talk, and the revelations of the school bus and the school. This is a classic memoir: Brendan Ryan’s words come at us directly, and often with startling intensity, from indelible experience. And we feel his need to return.

Peter Kenneally, Australian Book Review
‘Ryan’s poetry is both cinematic and musical. When a poet can describe so exactly what happens in his verse, it is no wonder the poetry just keeps on driving, getting to places, moving on, working.’

Sarah Holland-Batt, The Australian
‘Ryan’s muscular poems are full of the textures, scents and vivid imagery of farming life, and explore the tenderness and the violence that unfolds between humans and the animals in their charge.’

'Walk Like a Cow'

a memoir by Brendan Ryan

Walleah Press (December 2020)

$25.00 (includes postage within Australia)