Rodney Croome, 'From This Day Forward: Marriage Equality in Australia'

Cost: AUS$25 (postage included within Australia)

Rodney Croome’s advocacy for equality has always been patient and generous of spirit. This book about why Australia needs marriage equality is no exception. Like Rodney, I look forward to the time when it’s no longer necessary to explain why all Australians should be treated fairly. Until then, keep this informative and invaluable book close at hand.

               Bob Brown Australian Greens leader, 2005-12.

In this timely book Rodney Croome reminds us that marriage equality is not just an issue for the gay community or the political left. It is something all Australians can unite in support of.

               Christine Forster, Councillor, City of Sydney.

Without people like Rodney Croome having the courage to show us where inequality continues to exist in our community, nothing would change. Through this book and his work as an advocate for law reform, Rodney makes a compelling case for marriage equality. He reminds us all as to the important role we play as citizens in determining the sort of society we want to live in and the power of progressive law reform in helping to deliver that outcome.

               Lara Giddings Tasmanian Premier, 2011-14