Dael Allison: 'Fairweather's Raft'

Price: $20.00 (includes free postage within Australia).

“She has a talent for poetic achievement in spades. She has a verbal dexterity, a capacity for startling imagery, an eye into the human soul and the quick of the natural world that cuts through to the exposed heart of things.

“Her subject is Australia’s most personally enigmatic visual artist, Ian Fairweather. This collection is a sort of an interior biography of a man, and his art, and his obsessions. But also of his times, and the worldly context of his life – a barren, stultifying, upper class boyhood in England, and bohemian eccentricity in various parts of Australia and Asia, but especially the socially and floristically unregulated beachfront of Darwin, when that part of the world was still raw, with many of the characteristics of the frontier.

“In this inspired collection Dael takes us into the complex psychology of one of the great outsiders of Australian culture, a supreme individualist, beholden to no fashions in art or in life, and she takes us into the equally complex psychology of a place…. ”

Pete Hay, launching Dael Allison’s Fairweather’s Raft, Launceston – 7th October 2012