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HARRY LAING, 'unsettled'

cover 'unsettled', by Harry Laing

Sarah Rice
These poems sparkle with wit, hum with humour, delight and dare. They unwind a life, move deftly between present and past and betray an ever-present love of the land and language, the world and word-play. Finally they unsettle with a deep ecological warning – in a world where ‘everything melts… who watches over us in the rush towards?’

Aidan Coleman
‘unsettled’ is a collection of broad thematic and formal range. Laing renders our history, our current ecological crisis and some of our contemporary mores into a rich, tumbling music, as memorable as it is accessible. The poems that revisit the author’s past are especially poignant: closing some doors as the windows open to poetry’s crisp, delicious air.


a poetry collection by Harry Laing

Walleah Press (July 2021)

$20.00 (includes postage within Australia)