Liz McQuilkin, 'The Nonchalant Garden'

Liz McQuilkin: 'The Nonchalant Garden'

>The Nonchalant Garden is Tasmanian poet Liz McQuilkin’s first book of poetry. Liz lives in Hobart.

“The nonchalant blossoming face of a summer garden belies the work going on below its lovely surface. So it is with the poems in Liz Quilkin’s first collection, ‘The Nonchalant Garden’. They flower from her sharp-eyed intelligent noticing, a fine ear, a caring but not uncritical heart, subversive humour, and above all, a life lived reflectively and responsibly, taking nothing for granted.”
               strong>Maureen Scott Harris

“This collection should be stamped AUTHENTIC! MADE IN TASMANIA! Liz McQuilkin’s life-long love of the island permeates her poetry, whether she’s writing of domestic cirumstances or the natural world. Like Tassie weather itself – thunderclouds, rainbows and clear blue skies – these poems are wonderfully varied, illuminating the complexities of existence with wit and wisdom and grace.”
               Isabel Huggan