Walleah Press


ADAMSON, Ric: Vertigo [ Mark O'Flynn, Varuna, NSW. July 5th 1998]
ALBISTON, Jordie: Vertigo [Elizabeth Campbell, Melbourne. May 2nd 2007]
ALLEN, Richard James: More Lies [David Adès, Australia (zoom), October 10th 2021]
ALLISON, Dael: Fairweather's Raft [Cecilia White, Newcastle, December 17th 2012]
AUSTIN, Susan: Undertow [Gina Mercer, Hobart, October 11th 2012]. ( Launch photos)
AUSTIN, Susan: Dancing with Empty Prams [Sally Lingard, Brisbane, June 17th 2023—audio]
AUSTIN, Susan: Dancing with Empty Prams [Esther Ottaway, Hobart, July 7th & 8th 2023—audio]
BARNARD, Jenny: First Blue [ Tim Thorne, Launceston, October 14th 2005]
Birdsong, Edition 2,  [ Sarah Day, Bruny Island, Tasmania, Oct 15th 2016]
BURKE, Andrew: One Hour Seeds Another [ Lyn Reeves, Hobart, July 3rd 2014]
BARNARD, Jenny/STRINGER, Catherine: Dancers & Dreamers Exhibition. [Karen Knight, Hobart. Aug 2006]
Blue Giraffe # 6 [ Anne Collins, Hobart. Dec 2nd 2007]
CARBIS, Gayelene: I Have Decided To Remain Vertical  [ Marion May Campbell, Melbourne. 16 Oct 2022]
COLLINS, Anne: Listening to the Deep Song [ Petrina Meldrum, Hobart. Nov 2022]
COX, Robert: Alibis, Lies and Goodbyes [ Douglas Lockhart, Hobart. Aug 2006]
CURNOW, Nathan: The Ghost Poetry Project [ Kevin Brophy, Melbourne. Aug 2009]
DAY, Sarah: Grass Notes [ Clive Tilsley, Launceston. Oct 2nd 2009]
DOUGAN, Lucy: Memory Shell [Mark O'Flynn, Varuna, NSW. July 5th 1998]
DUYKER, Edward: Citizen Labillardiere: A Naturalist's Life in Revolution and Exploration (1755-1834) 
               [Bob Brown, Hobart. Apr 30th 2003]
FAGAN, Kate: First Light [Pam Brown, Gleebooks, Sydney, NSW. May 6th 2012]
FISHER, Carolyn: The Unsuspecting Sky [ Tim Thorne, Launceston. Oct 5th 2008]
FORSYTH, Stuart: Personal Taxidermy  [Kevin Brophy, Melbourne. Oct 28th 2007]
FROST, Zenobia: Salt and Bone  [Francis Thompson, Brisbane. Sep 18th 2014]
GALBRAITH, Janet: Re-membering [ Suvendrini Perera, Castlemaine. October 26th, 2013]
GANDOLFO, Enza: Swimming [ Helen Garner, Melbourne Writers' Festival. Aug 30th, 2009]
GIBIAN, Jane: The Body's Navigation [ Mark O'Flynn, Varuna, NSW. July 5th 1998]
GROVE, Simon:  [Peter Gee, Hobart, Tasmania. March 1st 2011]
GUY, Molly: Reading Between the Lines [ Robyn Mathison, Hobart. Nov 24th 2009]
HAWTHORNE, Susan: Dark matters [ Marion May Campbell, Melbourne. Oct 18th 2017]
JACKSON, Ginny : The Still Deceived [ Sarah Day, Hobart. Jul 15th 2010]
JOHNSON, Judy: Wing Corrections [ Mark O'Flynn, Varuna, NSW. July 5th 1998]
KELLAS, Anne: The White Room Poems [ Robert Cox, Hobart, Tasmania. December 16th, 2015]
KELLAS, Anne: Ways To Say Goodbye [ Kevin Brophy, Amber Liquid Press zoom reading. September 14th, 2023]
KELLAS, Anne: Ways To Say Goodbye [ Jane Williams, Launceston, Tasmania. October 7th, 2023]
KNIGHT, Karen: Postcards from the Asylum [ Pete Hay, Hobart, Tasmania. August, 2008]
KNIGHT, Karen; and WITEK, Jules: exhibition & publication [Liz McQuilkin, Hobart. Nov 12th, 2022]
LEBER, Deanne: Constellations [ Andrew Burke, Perth. Jul s4th 2021]
LOMER, Kathryn: Night Writing [Philomena van Rijswijk, Hobart. Feb 27th 2014]
LOMER, Kathryn: Extraction of Arrows [ Sarah Day, Hobart. Sep 4th 2003]
MACROW, Peter: Oil Slick Sun [ Maria Flutsch. Hobart, 2006]
MATHISON, Robyn : To Be Eaten By Mice [ Pete Hay, Hobart, August 27th 2009]
McCAULEY, Shane : Trickster [ Andew Lansdown, June 6th, 2015]
MCINTOSH, Peter : Who Wrote Shakespeare's Sonnets? [ Rodney Croome, May 26th, 2011]
MCQUILKIN, Liz: The Nonchalant Garden [ Gina Mercer, Hobart. May 29th, 2014]
MOSS, Sue: facepack [ Sarah Day, Hobart. August 15th, 2008]
MOSS, Ron: Broken Starfish [ Lyn Reeves, Hobart. August 23, 2019]
NICHOLSON, Betty: South of the Border [ Karen Knight, Hobart. 14th February, 2009]
PEEK, Andrew: The Calabar Transcript [ Tim Thorne, Launceston. October, 2003]
REEVES, Lyn: field of stars [ Irene McGuire, Hobart. September 9th, 2019]
ROBERTS, Bruce: In the Church of Latter Day Consumers [ Pete Hay, Hobart, Oct 12th, 1994].
RYAN, Brendan: The lowlands of Moyne [ Barry Gillard, Geelong. Jul 20th, 2019]
Salt-Lick 4 [ Kris Hemensley, Melbourne.March 13th, 2004]
SANT, Andrew: The Islanders [ Pete Hay, Hobart. 2003]
SANT, Andrew: Tremors: New and Selected Poems [ Stephen Edgar, Hobart. Oct 16th 2004]
SCULLY, Paul: An Existential Grammar [ Les Wicks, Sydney. Apr 26th 2014]
SOLMAN, Stuart: In advance of our broken wings [ Anne Kellas, Hobart. Mar 3rd 2011]
STEWART, Alastair: Frankston 281 [Mark O'Flynn, Varuna, NSW. July 5th 1998]
SUMMERS, Paul: primitive cartography [ Kristin Hannaford, Rockhampton. Aug 23rd, 2013]
THORNE, Tim: The Unspeak Poems and other verses [ Giles Hugo, Hobart. March 20th, 2014]
THORNE, Tim: The Unspeak Poems and other verses [ Bruce Penn, Launceston. March 13th, 2014]
TULLY, John: Robbed of Every Blessing. [ Tim Thorne, Hobart. April 15th, 2015]
Watersmeet Haiku ( Martin Hawes, Hobart. Nov 9th, 2005]
WEARNE, Alan: The Australian Popular Songbook. [ Pam Brown, Sydney. Apr 20th, 2008]
WELDON, Anna Maria: The Roof Milkers [ Kevin Gillam, Perth. Jun 21st, 2008]
WESTBURY, Deb: Winter in Stone Country [ Mark O'Flynn, Varuna, NSW. Sep 4th, 2016]
WILLIAMS, Jane: Outside Temple Boundaries [ Mark O'Flynn, Varuna, NSW. July 5th 1998]
WILLIAMS, Jane: Begging the Question [ Tim Thorne, Hobart. Apr 10th, 2008]
WITEK, Jules; and KNIGHT, Karen: exhibition & publication [Liz McQuilkin, Triabunna. Nov 12th, 2022]