June 2007



Famous Reporter 35


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FAMOUS REPORTER 35 : June 2007

Ali Alizadeh, Jude Aquilina, Robert James Berry, Margaret Bradstock, Nathalie Buckland, James Charlton, Jennifer Compton,Stuart Cooke, Carolyn Stirling Croshaw, Sharon Trevelyan Dean, Lucy Dougan, Adrian Flavell, Lorin Ford, Geoff Goodfellow,Jeff Guess, Todd Hardy, Rory Harris, Ken Herrera, Graeme Hetherington, Steve Isham, Leanne Jaeger, Carol Jenkins, Mary Jenkins, Judy Johnson, Jill Jones, Sue King-Smith, John Kinsella, Karen Knight, Jules Leigh Koch, Yve Louis, Tatjana Lukic, Lorraine Marwood, Shane McCauley, Louise Nicholas, Jan Owen, Geoff Page, Juliet Paine, Jillian Pattinson, Andrew Plunkett, Dilys Rose, Graham Rowlands, Michael Sharkey, Shen, Ali Jane Smith, Christiana Szczerba, Marion Tracy, rob walker, Lucy Williams

Pam Allen: Paradise on Earth?: The Enigmatic Island
Dael Allison: HELP! - Humanitarian Aid in Nias, Indonesia
Kevin Bonham, The Natural Party of Government
Natalie Kelly, Musings from the Southern Ocean and Antarctica
Mark O'Flynn, Bertie Beetles
Ralph Wessman, North to Garradunga


Elizabeth Campbell's launch of Jordie Albiston's collection, Vertigo

Beverley George's Spinifex: haiku, reviewed by Martina Taeker
Francesca Haig's Bodies of Water, reviewed by Louise Waller
Jodie Hawthorne's Watching Pilgrims Watching Me: haiku from Shangri-La, Deqen Tibetan Region, reviewed by Ross Coward
Pete Hay's Silently on the Tide, reviewed by Margaret Bradstock
Recent Writing [Esther Ottaway, Will Fraser, Poetrix, Meanjin, Martin Edmond)
The Best Australian Poems 2006, reviewed by Louise Waller
Michael de Valle, The wolf speaks
Nicholas Rasche, What You Wish For
Colin Varney, You seem perky today
Dawn Bruce

Andrew Bartlett, 'Way past time for sporting boycott of Zimbabwe', from the blog 'The Bartlett Diaries', (18th March, 2007)
Jenny Diski: 'Down the rabbit hole', from the blog Biology of the Worst Kind (16th March, 2007).
Clifton Evers: 'Australia Day, Flag, and the Big Day Out', from the blog blown glass (24th January, 2007)
Jill Jones: 'making do' - from the blog 'Ruby Street, (19th November, 2006)
David Prater: 'In defence of poetry [and poets]' - from the blog Davey Dreamnation's Virtual H.Q. (1st February, 2007)
Tim Thorne

Ron Moss, Rodney Williams, Martina Taeker, Andrew Reeves, Ross Bolleter, Janet Howie, Quendryth Young, Jo McInerney, Bob Jones, Mark Prendergast, Nathalie Buckland, Marina Scott, Maureen Sexton, Lorin Ford, Patricia Prime, Judith E.P. Johnson, Carla Sari, Max Ryan