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Five transports

1. I found my thoughts
they are like racing motorcycles
accelerating out of the corners
the weather can change
without warning
and tyre choice is crucial
the pit girls
shiver and gooseflesh
even while they
half shut their eyes against the sun

2. I’m hard on shoes
they are worn from the many
hours I spend walking
the hot uneven footpaths
and running through undergrowth
my dresses are yellowstained
from the walking and running
my lifelong skin is
wearing out too and
I have worn out
all the welcomes
there used to be for me

3. wherever you are then I’ll go too my and then we will be each one tender and the world will
and strong because the space between and the touches where we leave no space in this there
is all that there is rich varied lovely frightening wondering and horrified as ourselves anytime
what else would be wanted there is a raft and a battleship and a pleasure craft and a tanker and
a fishing boat

4. skate
your fingers nervously
over the underside of your chair
leaning toward the splintery surface
of the thin ice and
look at your face reflected
tolerate the cold wouldn’t you
like to know wouldn’t you love to sit
and look and know

5. and then there is the sight of the city from the air before you land