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my fishy friend 

moving in three dimensions
my goldfish are flying fish, conniving fish
their lives replete with fins and swims
hallucinogenic grins
they shake their tail feathers, nudge
invisible currents
reverse into glass
glow from within
red, yellow and silver traffic lights

one fish is a moving flower into the sun
with scales that sing of fluid dance and fluid dance
through liquid miles my musing fish, my toss and toss
and high-up-into-the-air oh fish

I want to write a poem of fish, a fishy wishing poem
for every day until I have no more to say
about my fish

I raise the cover from the holding tank and yank
a golden fish from her watery realm
I lift her flashing and wriggling into the air
and post her into my mouth
I close my lips (but not my teeth)
her scales rough on my tongue
oh fun
I savor the glimmer of her gills
till I’ve had my fill
I spit her out
she flails about – oh –
into the tank with a splosh
she pants, she rants
I close the lid and watch her swim again

oh tasty fish
oh tasty bite-sized friend