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About Walleah Press

Walleah Press is an independent Tasmanian literary press, and publisher of the online journal Communion.

We publish the occasional literary title —poetry, essays, non-fiction— but regret that manuscript submissions for book publication remain closed, other than by invitation.


...publishes words, art and music that is creative, thoughtful, reflective, insightful, challenging, questioning. Communion is not affiliated with any literary or artistic school or movement. We simply publish what moves us. Emotionally. Intellectually. While the magazine is not thematic as such, we lean toward work that in some way reflects the concept of communion – with others, self, the world at large etc.


Poetry titles, essays, biography, non-fiction, Famous Reporter magazine [1987-2012]....

Literary pieces

Interviews & conversation,    book reviews,     haiku,     launch speeches,     poetry,     fiction,     essays & memoir

Blog: Currajah

'Currajah' is a Walleah Press blog.

Burringbah Books
self-publishing & POD

Our imprint (Burringbah Books) offers quality, affordable print-on-demand (POD) publishing services to Australian self-publishers, authors and businesses. We specialise in literary publications including collections of poetry and short stories, novels, memoirs and genealogical research.