Walleah Press


(Anthology), A Salt Reader. Tim Thorne
ABRAHAMS, Lionel: Chaos theory of the heart. Kevin Brophy
ALLEN, Richard James: The Air Dolphin Brigade. Tim Thorne
ALVAREZ, Ivy: Mortal. Patricia Prime
ALVAREZ, Ivy (edited): A Slice of Cherry Pie Tim Thorne
ALVAREZ, Ivy (edited): We Don't Stop Here Tim Thorne
BEACH, Eric: Weeping for Lost Babylon. Pete Hay
BENNETT, Alicia: Faith. Les Wicks
BENNETT, Stefanie: Symphony for Heart and Stone. Tim Thorne
BRADSTOCK, Margaret: Coast. Ralph Wessman
BUCKMAN, Greg: Tasmania's Wilderness Battles. Stephenie Cahalan
BURKE, John Muk Muk and LANGFORD, Martin (editors): Ngara. Ralph Wessman
CHARLTON, James: Luminous Bodies. Anne Kellas
CHARLTON, James: So Much Light. Les Wicks
CHARLTON, James: So Much Light. David Kelly
CHEVALIER, JULIE: Permission to Lie. Mark Vender
CRAWFORD-TITUS, Jen. bad appendix. Derek Motion
CROFT, Julian: Ocean Island. Angela Gardner
CROGGON, Alison. Theatre. Derek Motion
DAY, Sarah: The Ship. Peter Boyle
DEAN, Geoff: Over the Fence. Barney Roberts
DEARBORN, Tricia: The Ringing World. Geoff Page
DE PAOR, Louis: Goban Cre is Cloch/Sentences of Earth and Stone. Pete Hay
EBERHARD, Adrienne: Jane, Lady Franklin. John West
EDGAR, Stephen: Lost in the Foreground. Peter Boyle
EDGAR, Stephen: Where the Trees Were. Jill Jones
EDGAR, Stephen: History of the Day. David Kelly
EMERY, Brook: Uncommon Light. Ralph Wessman
GARDNER, Angela: Views from the Hudson: A New York Book of Psalms. Janet Upcher
GERRISH, Carolyn: dark laughter, and LANSDOWN, Andrew: fontanelle. Ralph Wessman
HAIG, Francesca: Bodies of Water. Louise Waller
HAMMIAL, Philip: Juggernaut. Les Wicks
hardacre, paul: love in the place of rats. Les Wicks
HARRISON, Jennifer: Folly and Grief. Mark O'Flynn
HARRY, JS: Not Finding Wittgenstein. Les Wicks
HAY, Pete & THORNE, Tony: Last Days of the Mill. Dael Allison
HAY, Pete: Silently on the Tide. Margaret Bradstock
'Hecate' / 'Australian Women's Book Review', Volume 10, 1998. Louise Oxley
HILL, Barry. As We Draw Ourselves. Ian Johnston
HOLT, L K: MAN Wolf MAN. David Kelly
HOSE, Duncan Bruce: Rathaus. Philip Mead
ISLAND #69. Anne Collins
JOHNSON, Judy: Navigation Warrick Wynne
JOHNSON, Martin: The Clothes-Prop Man Ray Liversidge
JONES, Jill: Broken/Open. Peter Boyle
KELLAS, Anne: Isolated States. Kevin Brophy
KNIGHT, Karen: Under the one granite roof. Liz Winfield
KNIGHT, Karen, MATHISON, Robyn, KNIGHT, Norma, REEVES, Lyn, WINFIELD, Liz: Republican Dreaming. Tim Thorne
KNIGHT, Norma, REEVES, Lyn, KNIGHT, Karen, MATHISON, Robyn, WINFIELD, Liz: Republican Dreaming. Tim Thorne
KRAUSE, Monika. Monika Krause: The Queen of Condoms. Ralph Wessman
KRUSS, Susan. The Women of Eureka. Ralph Wessman
LADD, Mike: Transit, Janet Upcher
LANG, Kristen: let me show you a ripple. Esther Ottaway
LANGFORD, Martin and BURKE, John Muk Muk (editors): Ngara. Ralph Wessman
LANSDOWN, Andrew: fontanelle, and GERRISH, Carolyn: dark laughter. Ralph Wessman
LAW, Geoff. The River Runs Free. Stephenie Cahalan
LAWRENCE, Anthony. Cold Wires of Rain. Stephen Edgar
LAWRENCE, Anthony. New and Selected Poems. Megan Schaffner
LAWRENCE, Anthony. Skinned by Light. Stephen Edgar
LENORE, Miriel. drums & bonnets. Ralph Wessman
LOMER, Kathryn. Extraction of Arrows. Tim Thorne
LOUIS, Yve: The Yellow Dress. Patricia Prime
LOUIS, Yve: A Door in the Forest. Michael Sharkey
LUCAS, John: The Long and the Short of It. Tim Thorne
MADSEN, Garth: Portraits of Rust Ray Liversidge
MANSELL, Chris: Mortification & Lies. Tim Thorne
MATHISON, Robyn, REEVES, Lyn, KNIGHT, Karen, KNIGHT, Norma, WINFIELD, Liz: Republican Dreaming. Tim Thorne
McGUIGAN, Lorraine: What the Body Remembers Ray Liversidge
McKENZIE, Geraldine: Duty. Michael Farrell
McKIE, Jane: When the Sun Turns Green. Liz Winfield
MERCER, Gina: Handfeeding the Crocodile. Margaret Bradstock
MINTER, Peter: Blue Grass. Tim Thorne
MORGAN, Anne: Echoes from the Firetrails. Ralph Wessman
MORGAN, Mal: Beautiful Veins / WEST, John: MAL. Warrick Wynne
MURRAY, Les: The Biplane Houses. Louise Waller
OWEN, Jan: Timedancing. Louise Oxley
OXLEY, Louise: Compound Eye. Mark O'Flynn
OXLEY, Louise: Bouyancy. Carolyn Fisher
PEEK, Andrew: The Calabar Transcript. Tim Thorne
PYBUS, Cassandra. Till Apples Grow on an Orange Tree. Lisbet de Castro Lopo
REEVES, Lyn, MATHISON, Robyn, KNIGHT, Karen, KNIGHT , Norma, WINFIELD, Liz: Republican Dreaming. Tim Thorne
RIETH, Homer: The Dinng Car Scene. Tim Thorne
SANT, Andrew: Album of Domestic Exiles. Louise Oxley
SARAVANAMUTTU, Dipti: The Collosseum. Ralph Wessman
SCOTT, Margaret: Collected Poems. Narelle Shaw
SIMPSON, Matt: In Deep. Tim Thorne
SMALL WONDER - anthology edited by Julie Chevalier and Linda Godfrey. Ali Jane Smith
SOFIELD, Marvis: interstitial journeys. Les Wicks
STASKO, Nicolette: Glass Cathedrals, New and Selected Poems. David Kelly
STAVANGER, David: And the ringmaster said. Max Ryan
THORNE, Tim: Taking Queen Victoria to Inveresk. Marilyn Arnold
THORNE, Tim: Best Bitter. Mark O'Flynn
THORNE, Tim: I Con. Janet Upcher
THORNE, Tony and HAY, Pete: Last Days of the Mill. Dael Allison
TREDINNICK, Mark: Fire Diary. Laurie Brinklow
VAN RIJSWIJK, Philomena: The World as a Clockface Elizabeth Dean
VAN RIJSWIJK, Philomena: The Time It Rained Fish Louise Oxley
WEST, John: MAL, MORGAN, Mal: Beautiful Veins. Warrick Wynne
WESTBURY, Deb: The View From Here, New and Selected Poems. Mark O'Flynn
WEARNE, Alan: Kicking in Danger. Tim Thorne
WINFIELD, Liz: Too Much Happens. Anne Collins
WINFIELD, Liz, REEVES, Lyn, KNIGHT, Karen, KNIGHT, Norma, MATHISON, Robyn: Republican Dreaming. Tim Thorne
WAGTAIL, (poetry series, Picaro Press): Warrick Wynne