Walleah Press                 Communion


ALLEN, Pam: Paradise on Earth? The Enigmatic Island
CATT, Graham: Positively Friendly Street
COMPTON, Jennifer, I Have One Photo Of Banja Luka
COMPTON, Jennifer: Our Magpie
CONLAN, Marlene: This one's for you Mum
DRAKE, Barnaby: In Defence of Atheism
DUGGAN, Laurie: Discovering the Islands
LADD, Mike: The Edge of the Lake
GROVE, Simon: Mind what you think
HAY, Pete: What I did on my Holidays
HAY, Pete: Half-Time with Stout John
HAY, Pete: Port Arthur: Where Meanings Collide
HURDLE, Crystal: Rain Hats From On High
KINSELLA, John: Refugees and Australia
LYSENKO, Myron: Hot Cross Poets
McMAHON, Andrea: The Children's Hour
MUNRO, Sharyn: Edging towards Tasmania
O'FLYNN, Mark: The Rare Endangered Leura Skink
PASCOE, Bruce: Extraction
PASCOE, Bruce: Blind White Spirit Men
ROBERTSON, Mal: Arcs and Tangents
SHAH, M.A.: Aceh Lon Sayang, or Aceh I Love
WENKE, John: The Brides of Christ
WENKE, John: Crowded