Famous Reporter # 39 : June 2009

Essays, comment, miscellany
Dael Allison, Psyche and the crocodile
Jeff Guess, The Silent Classroom - a two year poetry residence at Pembroke School
Mark O'Flynn, The Parlour
Mal Robertson, Post Script
Terry Whitebeach, Visiting an old Idol : Mikhail Mikhailovich Bakhtin
Derek Motion : Alison Croggon's Theatre
Carolyn Fisher : Louise Oxley's Buoyancy
David Kelly : Nicolette Stasko's Glass Cathedrals : New and Selected poems; and L K Holt's MAN wolf MAN
Esther Ottaway : Kristen Lang's let me show you a ripple
Fiction Cameron Lowe, Andrea McMahon
Lisa Goldman, from the blog 'Lisa Goldman': 'Haniyeh and his Israeli sisters: wartime tales from Gaza and Israel'
Brian Sargent, from the blog 'Looky Daddy': 'Your Days Are None The Better For What You Have Done'
Haiku Lorin Ford, Maureen Sexton, Vasile Moldovan, Ross Bolleter, Barbara Strang, Nathalie Buckland, Leonie Bingham, Duncan Richardson, Belinda Broughton, Lesley Walter, Tamara Lazaroff, Marina Scott, John Bird, Judith E.P. Johnson, Gail Willems, John Turner, Jill Jones, Graham Nunn, Quendryth Young, Meryl Harding
Launch speeches
Pete Hay's launch of Karen Knight's Postcards from the Asylum (Pardalote Press, 2008)
Karen Knight's launch of Betty Nicholson's South of the Border ,(Bumble-bee Books, 2009)
Interview A conversation with Mark Neyland
Poetry Dael Allison, Craig Billingham, Ken Bolton, Kathryn Boorman, Steve Brock, Helen Burns, Sam Byfield, Roger A. Callen, Jan Colville, Toby DavidsonMichael Farrell, Susan Fealy, Judy Gaudet, Beverley George, Geoff Goodfellow, Rory Harris, Alison Hope, Robert Hortle, Mary Jenkins, Roland Leach, Andri Magnason, Brent MacLaine, Shane McCauley, Prulisa McEvoy, Bronwyn Mehan, John Millett, Jan Gracie Mulcahy, B N Oakman, Helen Parsons, Jillian Pattinson, Sheryl Persson, Paul C Pritchard, Loula S. Rodopoulos, Graham Rowlands, Anna Ryan-Punch, Nathan Shepherdson, Laura Jan Shore, David Stavanger, Bev Sweeney, Cath Vidler, Benny Walter
Launch speech Leigh Woolley : Hobart, 11th June 2009