JUN 09

Famous Reporter # 39







                    The Maid

She is the coastline that stretches across borders
with clouds that dance to echoes of revolution and economic tides
She is the gush of water that seeps into parched generational history
wild grass buffeted in one direction then another
She is the leech that infiltrates domesticity scheming inheritance
She is the basalt rock restrained on the cliff by a mesh of cunning -
a victim of expedience and gendered servitude

Can you hear the wail of her child left in the homeland?

Women migrants are the mainstay of Greek households.
The Newspaper, Kathimerini. Thursday 8th May 2008, p7.

Formerly an Adjunct Professor with the School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning at RMIT University, Melbourne, Loula's poems draw on her experiences as an Australian-born woman of Greek background.