June 2009




walleah press


Jennie Churchill

When she arrived by Atlantic Ocean liner
she might or mightn't have been tattoed
but disembarked smoking & corsetless for
sex & sex & sex & sex & Sir Randolph.
Her money was hers while it lasted;
his title was his while he lasted.
There were three kings as well
too late to be the Three Wise Men
but one up on, well, three up on
your common-or-garden aristocracy
& both titled & untitled others too
( after all, her money was running out ).
You could say these carryings-on
were just the carryings-on of an old dog
if Jennie had been Jim or John or Jack &
that, rather than the prim & the proper
old jealousy was sneering at not one
but two husbands as young as her sons
& if sixty seems a bit late for
Jennie to own up to no longer being
the most beautiful woman in the room
well, you weren't there, were you?
You could find yourself wondering whether
her redemption would have to wait for
the Sir in Sir Winston Churchill
but not if you died at Gallipoli.

Graham Rowlands has been a literary journalist, lecturer in literature, educational editor and both a poetry editor and a poetry reviewer. Besides a number of poetry collections, he has published over 800 poems in newspapers and magazines with some anthologised by Penguin, Random House, Oxford University Press and University of Queensland Press.