GUY, Rachael—poetry, ‘the hungry air’



Rachael Wenona Guy is an Australian poet. She lives in Castlemaine, Victoria. She creates puppet-based, visual theatre for adults and collaborative multi-media installations examining memory, embodiment and identity. Her creative writing has been published in journals and online within Australia and internationally. In 2015 she was shortlisted for the Whitmore Poetry Manuscript prize. Rachael’s collection ‘the hungry air’ is dedicated to her mother, poet Molly Guy.


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The Hungry Air delves into moments of memory and disquiet from Rachael Guy’s childhood in Tasmania.

On her website, Rachael has posted a reader’s feedback about her book:


“What an amazingly beautiful book of poems you have created. I just loved it so much. I felt as though you opened a door on your life and invited me to step through, to roam with you in the home of your heart…The voice is so consistent and compelling. The poignant mix of love and harshness as being the defining elements of this child’s world, a child with such keen sensitivities, her being as deep as the sea…What an act of courage and love this piece is. I have never read anything comparable. I keep wanting to use superlatives to describe the effect of your work. For me the collection is both searing and redemptive. I think that’s an astonishing achievement.”