FROST, Zenobia—poetry, ‘Salt and Bone’


Zenobia Frost is a Brisbane-based writer with roots in Hawkes Bay, NZ and Cambridge, UK. She has performed nationally with the Arts Queensland Touring Poets Program (2009) and Queensland Poetry Festival Regional Roadshow (2012). Zenobia is fiercely fond of Brisbane’s mettlesome approach to making art. ‘Salt and Bone’, published in September 2014, is Zenobia’s first full-length poetry collection.


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(From a review by Alyson Miller of Zenobia Frost’s Salt and Bone — 30th Dec 2014)


In its own words, Zenobia Frost’s Salt and Bone slinks ‘between ibis-legged houses / and wakeful graveyard’, and belongs to ‘the hour of the curlew’, a liminal space that speaks of ghosts and transformation. As a collection, the poems are pervaded with a sense of haunting, plagued by abject bodies ‘aching for salt and bone’, the suffocating presence of water, and the archeology of death. It is noteworthy that Frost’s work both begins and ends with a warning of the power of unknown and strange things; a reminder, perhaps, of the gaps that exist between the ‘real’ and the imagined.