‘We have just received the remains of an Aboriginal dug up at Gunnedah, price £6/10/0’
                                Tost & Rohu, Correspondence to the Australian Museum Oct 1911.

In the echoic cylinder of night,
carved ironbark tattooed
only by the sallow moon’s light,
ministers a wild sky lament -
lanceolate leaves, knives carving
theft into the sheets of wind,
a low guttural fugue of mothers
who will not be denied a child.

Beneath, the thieves wield
pickaxes, shovels and spades.
Bleak tools borrowed
for a grim surgeon’s practice
of dismemberment, bones prised
from the cloak of bark and soil,
sinewy and disgraced by this
sudden disinterment, hefted pale

into the cold dark like a stone
carried clear and dripping
from a river, heavy and weighted
with the tarnish of plunder,
a Gunn-e-darr man, rising,
carrying his country as witness
to patternings of shame
no craniometer can measure.

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