Lee side, On board the Triton

"We can go sailing in, climb down, lose yourself when you linger long’
N Finn ‘Into Temptation’

he flexes his hands
long fingers stiff from hours of net mending
the still sea extends before him
a layer of light - silver, pink & indescribable qualities of blue

climbing over the side of the boat
he lowers himself down
his body hardly rippling the surface
he floats face down and holds out his arms
suspended on the ocean, imagining the fish beneath him
thinking of the numbers of small fish that die
while he sorts prawns,
thinking at least that on this small boat
there is time to save most of them

Reviews of Kristin Hannaford's collection Curio

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Kristin Hannaford, launching Paul Summer's collection
primitive cartography,
Rockhampton, August 23rd, 2013.