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Famous Reporter 44: December 2012


Dick Alderson, Cassandra Atherton, Margaret Bradstock, Kevin Brophy, joanne burns,  Ashley Capes, John Carey,  Anne M. Carson, Julie Chevalier, Sue Clennell, Christiane Conesa-Bostock, Michael Crane, Jan Dean, Ross Donlon, Lucy Dougan, Kathryn Fry, Danny Gentile, Carolyn Gerrish, Ian Gibbins, Kevin Gillam, Rory Harris, Pete Hay, Graeme Hetherington, Andy Jackson, Carol Jenkins, Lorne Johnson, Jill Jones, Frank Kellaway, Graham Kershaw, Andrew Lansdown,  Lesley Lebkowicz, Mark Liston, Yve Louis,  Julie Maclean, Shane McCauley, Lorraine McGuigan, Alyson Miller, Bob Morrow, B.N. Oakman, Jan Owen, Moya Pacey, Simon Patton,  Victoria Ramsay, Belinda Rule, Brenda Saunders, Paul Scully,  Ali Jane Smith, Flora Smith, Gillian Telford, Alison Thompson, Julie Thorndyke, Richard Tipping, Tineke Van der Eecken, Louise Wakeling, Ben Walter, Sue Watson, Gail Willems, Jena Woodhouse


Small Wonder: an anthology of prose poems and microfiction, reviewed by Ali Jane Smith
Tricia Dearborn's The Ringing World, reviewed by Geoff Page
Pete Hay, Tony Thorne, Last Days of the Mill, reviewed by Dael Allison
Julie Chevalier, Permission To Lie. reviewed by Mark Vender
Yve Louis, A Door in the Forest, reviewed by Michael Sharkey
SW Rafael: Sayonara: Android-Human Theatre


Terry Whitebeach: Weaving Peace - Three Sudanese-Tasmanian writing projects
Zeny Giles: Sisters together - Sydney 1926
Margaretta Pos: Joan Brown, Shell Necklace Maker
Liana Christensen: The Once and Future Country
Ralph Wessman: North to Garradunga


Paul Summers: Tick-tock
Fayroze Lutta: My Heart Has No Home
Linda Godfrey: forget-me-nots
Grant Caldwell: Soon Enough When
Derek Fisher: Imogen Falls
Cassandra Atherton: Fair is Fowles
Susan McCreery: Home Fires
Jo Langdon: Split
Tom Williams: Chancer
Hilary Hewitt: health tips
SW Rafael: The God of Small Lies
Kevin Brophy: A history of burnt sienna


Cameron Hindrum: Playing in the Furnace


Pam Brown: Kate Fagan’s First Light