Ode To The Lemon


In yellow you pose
back blasted by green
sweet of flower sour of lip
full fat and laden rooted deep
your navel splits easily under the knife

your secrets tied
scurvy wracked sailors
to a golden lifeline
a biting essence

a fated hand
squeezed fructose rich goblets
made a mighty vinaigrette
piscatorial delights enhanced with
a hint of fractured juice

sucked with honey a throat
of mottle bark is soothed,
honey slurped with brown sugar
oozes from labial folds of pancakes

tequila courses like a hound
held down and kicked
and many mouths have sucked and licked
pleasured with their teeth
your wetness

old, a whore at heart
your night perfume irresistible


Gail Willems is a retired nurse who keeps working casual shifts when needed. She lives on the beach just south of Mandurah, Western Australia and is learning to surf and read hieroglyphics. Her poetry has been published on radio, in journals, magazines and anthologies and overseas, her haiku highly recommended in competitions and published in journals and magazines.