umsley Misty Rumsley - poem

Misty Rumsley

Catch the Ball

“Catch the ball!” yells young Benny Benson
His long legs moving fast
He comes to a halt and waits on the one
To whom the ball is passed

“Catch the ball!” shouts short Bettie Benson
Her red braids swinging wild
She lets fly with her right and the ball is off
To the next laughing little child

“Catch the ball!” bellows Bobby Benson
His hair all in his face
He has short arms and though shaped like a barrel
He still enjoys the game

“Catch the ball!” cries cute Billy Benson
All smiles and happy giggles
He throws so hard and stumbles back
Into a patch of prickles

“Catch the ball!” sings sweet Berry Benson
Though the toy doesn’t get that far
She’s youngest of the clan and can’t always play
But the rest think she’s a star