Hobart Road

Hobart Road is an online site welcoming creative writing by younger Tasmanian writers, aged 8 to 21.

We're interested in fiction and non-fiction (to a maximum of 2,000 words in each category), as well as poetry. Please send original material only—normal copyright restrictions apply, and copyright remains with the work's creator.


Send written work to us as a Word file, a Word docx file, or as an ODF text document attachment, but please, no more than three entries at a time. It costs nothing to send your writing our way for consideration, and - if chosen - for publication. But at the same time – sorry! – we don’t offer payment for work we showcase.

Not everything that comes our way will be chosen for publication (apologies), but if your work is accepted, we’d appreciate a brief biography – the Tasmanian school you attend, perhaps something about your writing interests, whether you've been published before (where?), your age – between 25 and 75 words. And if you're one of our youngest contributors, it's a good idea to let parents or a teacher know you're sending work our way.

Please email poems and stories to us at hobart-road@walleahpress.com.au — we look forward to hearing from you.


Ralph Wessman
Launceston, Tasmania

Hobart Road