Hilton Voss

Urban Animals

Ornate fluttering…
Wet snow crystaling the sky…
…Lowly, welkin death.

Royal, inky fur,
Accosting sable concrete…
Thieved into end.

Dully, fat, feasting.
Owning his eyes on the trap,
Gorging his belly.

Crisp on her brisk feet,
Assaulting her shy non-foes,
Taloned eyes pierce dusk.

Broad, black, brooding, beats
Ascend the effluvium,
Taking the twilight…

Jolting, piercing cries,
Attack the blotted azure.
Yielding, to sun streaks.

Keerful, algor wet,
Offsetting gilded, scarlet,
Iridescent scales.

Proud, plump, pink, lovely,
It rolls in swaths of mud,
Gleefully snorting!

Arranged in order,
Nestled in unnoticed earth.
Tunnelling dirt homes…

Hilton Voss's poem 'Urban Leaves' was awarded Second Prize in the Andrew Hardy Youth Poetry Prize 2022, (17-30 years section).