Georgi Rose Phegan


Begins…….a tiny star in the sky so lonely so sad
Time grows shorter days grow longer……nothing but dust can she hear
Until 10 bigger stars push past her
She tries to talk but she can't
She looks for happiness
No happiness can be found
She can't face her death on her own…
...but then she turns into golden dust
She fell through so many things
Some good and some bad
Some were grim!
She drops onto the ground she sinks into the burning hot ash
and finally meets her happiness!
Days grow longer and happier.
She felt so warm and cheerful but why.
Remember this to calm you down.

Georgi Rose Phegan is 9 and enjoys philosophy and creative writing. Georgi's poem 'Star' was an entry in the 2022 Andrew Hardy Youth Poetry Prize (16 years and under section).