paper aeroplanes

here is your life
posing the question of aerodynamics
your solid body moving
through the wind tunnel of your past
here is your family
pulled out into the light and scattered
how one child rises hopeful to the top
and another one drowns
your brother who stopped talking at thirteen
as if words were the tiny lies
behind all truth
how your brackish tears stayed put
until your own heart floated out of sight
and the presence of your parents
leaked like propaganda
allowing love to become a vandal
bold as daylight
the mechanical ease of raising you wrong
here is your life
hung on a folded wing
your straight shooter dreams of flying
how beautiful the man has become
still hostage to the little boy
waiting like numb grief
for the knife to bring him back

Reviews of Lucy Williams' collection internal weather

Alyson Miller, reviewing internal weather in Cordite, September 15th, 2014.

Poetry selection from 'internal weather'

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