Lucy Williams — 'advice to the woman you will love'

in a city full of hand holders remember his in yours
your palms pressed together as though in prayer
your skin the skin he chooses to be more than touch
become drunk on your beauty through his eyes
the way you move longing to be watched
the perfect wrapped valentine of your heart
beating outside your body like a crime
think of all the possibilities of his life
his family who know so well the boy they raised to meet you
his house in a street of other houses
the key to the front door warm as change in your pocket
lie against him in the dark of his room
as though you were the late afternoon sun
think of memory as a loan and use it well
and when you smile be aware that love is the bet he is placing
take the time to understand
the scars your company will smooth
some from the women who left him
some from the women he left
look at his eyes and notice how clear they have become
no warning from his lighthouse heart could save you
your mouth an astonished bird flying hard against his

A review of Lucy Williams' collection internal weather

Alyson Miller, reviewing internal weather in Cordite, September 15th, 2014.

Poetry selection from 'internal weather'

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