"I got my kills, I'm coming down. I just love my job."
                — Sergeant James Anyett, US 1st Infantry, Fallujah, 2004

Last year it was whitetail in Barbour County,
the smell of pines and blood sweet as youth.
Daddy got my first kill mounted
as a 21st birthday present.
When my three littl’uns grow up
I’ll take them to where the breeze off Lake Eufaula
makes you glad to be an Alabamian
and teach them manhood, teach them
about the subtle differences between
Remingtons and Winchesters.

There are no longleaf pines here, no yellowhammers,
but I’ve got my buddies; I’ve got better gear
than back home even and I’m being paid.
Bagged five this morning. Goddam shame
they won’t let you take them home as trophies.
Although a couple were undersize and one was pregnant,
but those’re just as hard to hit as the big buck towelheads.
They were going to bring in mortars, but I said:
Dude, give me the sniper rifle. I can take them out.
I’m from Alabama.

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