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sea breeze:
my shadow hovers
on the ocean floor

easy silence
taking the bunch of keys
warm from your hand

spring morning
painted on the footpath:
proposed tree

empty house:
three seedpods ripen
on the windowsill

Jane Gibian

on the coffin lid
our faces
in the clouds

art gallery cafe
before eating  she
photographs her food

Jeffrey Harpeng

September orchids
blatant sex in the perfumed

Jill Cartwright

visiting mother
all the teaspoons of
my childhood

John West

heat wave
the dog bites at shining
hose water

dog days
the old fence leans towards
its shadow

a big wind
erases the clouds
the stars

          city sunrise
the towers fade to breath
on the windowpane

Sue Stanford

deep in the forest
the lyrebird's call
mimics the chainsaw

Michael de Valle

long afternoon
the kitten chases
a bird's shadow

Sue Mill

winter dawn on the ragged
hedge snow

thin wind on the washing line

grape harvesting
smiling through leaves
the new picker

quiet night
rustling of leaves
as the moon wanes

Carla Sari