Clementine Chatto

Skull & Bone

I hear the sweet singing of the bluebird; in early morning or late afternoon,
I listen to the melody, the notes,
I am able to enjoy the beauty,
But deep within my heart know,
The creature that sings such a lovely tune,
Will end up as nothing but skull and bone,

I watch my friends; strangers smiling,
I watch how their feelings are displayed,
The pure ecstasy of the new parent; the sorrow of a loved one gone,
I know all emotions are fleeting,
I know all pain is temporary,
But temporary can be the end,
Can leave you as nothing but skull and bone,

I see the sun shining brightly,
No rain nor clouds to dim its shine,
The creatures that relish in this gift; weather perfected,
The flowers turning towards the light,
The leaves only getting greener,
I am saddened to think this won't last forever,
That one day I will become just skull and bone,

But as I begin to prepare; get ready to leave this all,
I know that is not the fate of man,
Of any creature,
We will not become remnants of our bodies,
We will be more than skull and bone,
It is not our death that creates these,
For memories shall be left as well,

It is not what I am made of, but that which I have made,
That remains for my eternity,
Because forever varies from person to person,
And we cannot fight mortality,
I will leave behind my story,
And you can keep your skull and bone,

With this new outlook, I am ready,
For whatever shall come next,
Be it torture; be it pleasure; be it nothing at all,
For I know that when I die,
You'll leave me more than skull and bone.