Billie Chatto

Black Petals

The coal black rose bowing down before the darkness.
Petal after petal, falling away.

The dry dirt beneath the roots crumbles to emptiness.
There in the soil bed the rose shall lay.

Trying to prove it is worth another day
soon giving into death for it can not bear the pain.

Blocking the light and can only find the moon,
passing through life and death to come soon.

Letting go of lost thoughts that were once to be recovered.

Some find it easier to release themselves than suffer.

Crying out for help like an echo in a thousand,
knowing you’ll never be heard but still you are trying.

Asking complicated questions to distract.

The darkness still stains the petals black.

"My name is Billie Chatto. My pronouns are she/her and I am 13 years old. I go to Peregrine School in the Huon Valley. I do Musical Theatre Crew in Hobart and enjoy performing. I love creative writing that explores reality, absurdity, society, life, and death. I am an imaginative, inspired and talented person, and I love trying new things."

Billie's poem 'Black Petals' was an entry in the Andrew Hardy Youth Poetry Prize (16 years and under section).