Abigail Rose Lowe

– Breathe –

I am reminiscing on the autumn that last fell
I am standing in a pond without shoes
I am letting the water run between my toes
I am letting the wind blow through my hair
I am smelling the orchids and the fresh air
I am listening to the birds that don’t have cares
I started listening to nature and now it’s everywhere

I am forgetting about tomorrow and focusing on today,
For tomorrow never comes and it has always been this way,
So I take some time for myself as I should have done before,
As now I am aware of my surroundings ,
I can finally breathe more.

Abigail Rose Lowe: "My name is Abigail and I live in southern Tasmania. I'm 14. I like to look at nature as this inspires me to write poems. I take inspiration from my surroundings. I also love Taylor Swift and her songs inspire me to write poems as well."

Abigail's poem 'Breathe' was an entry in the Andrew Hardy Youth Poetry Prize 2022.