[June 1997]

Karen Knight


Walleah Press




Big Black and Hairy

I'm on the bathroom mirror
tough and bad to the bone.
You want to smash my face in,
but I've heard of superstition,
so I'm staying with the glass.
You tell me your Dad's a policeman
from behind the safety of the door.
I spread my legs and reveal a black
belt in karate.
"Get off my mirror", you scream,
"or I'll pump you full of poison".
It'd be easy to slip
from my reflection,
make a clean getaway
through a crack in the floor.
But I want to spin shudders
up and down your spine
because I'm big, black
and hairy and I'm on
your bathroom mirror
tough and bad to the bone.


Karen Knight is a Tasmanian poet whose most recent work appeared in the collection Eat the Ocean.