The thought of you

variations on a theme of Vahé Godel

No, it’s not time,
not the many rivers of it
on which we once came
and now glide down
separated by
marshes of pasts and
futures apart.
And no, it’s not the sun,
it’s not the light that
enters a room
when you step in.
Not even that
overwhelming presence
of a sitting portrait.
Nor the absence of
a movement of thought,
the frozen landscapes
that are thawing,
the fruit of unknown trees
on the ground,
thin, green leaves
in the glaring sun.
It’s the silence,
the unavoidable silence
of the boat ride.

A professor of mathematics at Arizona State University, Victor Pambuccian has published widely in specialized journals on the axiomatic foundation of geometry. His poetry translations, from Romanian, French, and German appeared in International Poetry Review, Pleiades, Two Lines, and Words Without Borders.