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Rubato Express

'Secret Fire'


Rubato is a musical term referring to expressive and rhythmic freedom to which we aspire, hence our name. We are based in Hobart Tasmania and play original compositions and enjoy performing extended improvisations that reflect our passion for folk traditions of many cultures. We are often inspired by the natural environment of our Island from the rugged coast lines and wild seas of the West Coast to the tranquil flowing streams and rolling hills. Our music is vibrant, rhythmic yet at times meditative.

We are Allan Badalassi on guitar and piano, Lynne Griffiths on flutes and harp and Steven Grainger on percussion and fretless bass. Allan and Lynne have played together for several years and performed widely. This has allowed them to develop a special musical rapport to create intricate improvisational interplay. Steven’s percussion and fretless bass bring an added depth and dimension to their unique sound. They have a great love of blending original musical compositions with images of their artwork.

Alan studied composition at the Tasmanian Conservatory of Music. His compositions have been played internationally and on ABC fm. Lynne plays a range of flutes, whistles and celtic harp. She has developed her own individual style of emotive melodic playing, sculpting music from air. Steven is interested in all things syncopated, microtonal and polyphonic. Alan and Lynne both share their knowledge and passion for their instruments with many students at their teaching studios.

We hope through our music to bring joy and to contribute to a better world where our natural environment is cherished and protected.