Who do we think we are ?

Publisher Ralph Wessman and writer Jane Williams. Between us we have about fifty years publishing and writing experience. But really we’re just two people who want to spread the word. Your word. Really.

What do we want to publish?

Again - words, art, music. Creative, thoughtful, reflective, insightful, challenging, questioning … Communion is not affiliated with any literary or artistic school or movement. We simply publish what moves us. Emotionally. Intellectually. While the magazine is not thematic as such, we lean toward work that in some way reflects the concept of communion – with others, self, the world at large etc.

Why ?

Well if you haven’t worked it out … it brings us joy. It is our pleasure. Selfish huh? Also we don’t want the theme song of our dotage to sound anything remotely like coulda, woulda, shoulda …

There is a healthful hardiness about real dignity that never dreads contact
and communion with others however humble.
Washington Irving