Self-publishing, print-on-demand within Australia at an affordable price

Burringbah Books is an imprint of Walleah Press. Contact us (Ralph Wessman) by email at burringbah@walleahpress.com

Burringbah Books offers high quality, economical print-on-demand (POD) publishing services to Australian self-publishers, authors and businesses, specialising in literary publications including collections of poetry and short stories, novels, memoirs and genealogical research.

Services include:


Send your manuscript, book etc to us as a Word file. Send us your images, preferably of size 500KB and above. We'll typeset your manuscript in Indesign, ready to print.
Speak to us about your intentions for a cover. If you've an image you'd like to use, send that along and we'll design a cover around it.

Proof copy

A proof copy is provided prior to publication. At this stage of the publishing process, one set of changes may be made to both cover and internal text files, with the cost of further changes [after the first instance] borne by the customer. When no changes are required of both cover and internal text files, a 10% discount of the initial set-up fee (ie 10% of $395) applies.

ISBN number



Free distribution for two years through Ingram's worldwide distribution network, allowing books to be available for purchase online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, NACSCORP, Bertrams, Blackwell, Gardners, and many more. After two years, a $13.20 annual charge in order to keep a publication available for purchase online, will apply.

Cost of services

All publications incur an initial set-up fee.

Books to 50 pages. Set-up fee $325.
Books to 120 pages. Set-up fee $395.
Books to 250 pages. Set-up fee $495.
For longer titles, please enquire.

Besides the cost of the initial set-up fee, the cost of book purchases will also need to be taken into account. This will vary. Generally, books of around 40 pages will cost on average, $3 each to print; 100 pages, $4; 150-200 pages, $5 (inclusive of postage), for example.

Printed by

Ingram's Lightning Source Australia
76 Discovery Road
Dandenong south
Victoria 3175