Vanessa Page—poetry, 'Confessional Box'

PAGE, Vanessa—poetry, ‘Confessional Box’

PAGE, Vanessa—poetry, ‘Confessional Box’


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(From a review by Siobhan Hodge — Cordite Poetry Review, 13th March 2014)

Australian poet Vanessa Page’s latest collection, Confessional Box, is equal parts personal and critical, examining emotional relationships with a terse, engaging style. As the title suggests, there is a strongly self-aware element to Confessional Box. The poems are relatively open, encompassing a range of points of view and personas, but these are not wholly simple reflections of human relationships. Rather, Page presents a series of evolving sections, embellishing on memories and balancing broader criticisms against more personally orientated notions of access and invitation.

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Vanessa Page is a Brisbane based poet, originally from Toowoomba on the Darling Downs.

In 2013, her first full-length book Confessional Box was named the winner of the FAW Anne Elder Award at the National Literary Awards in Melbourne. Confessional Box was born from her first two manuscripts – ‘Confessional Box’ and ‘The lost art of penning you a love note’ which were both named as runners up in the 2011 and 2010 Arts Queensland Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize for an unpublished manuscript.

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