Gina Mercer—poetry, 'Weaving nests with smoke and water'

MERCER, Gina—poetry, ‘Weaving nests with smoke and water’

MERCER, Gina—poetry, ‘Weaving nests with smoke and water’


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Bird calls renovate our days’, writes Gina Mercer. Quite so – our days and our lives. Whether we have the grace and generosity to live on this planet with birds will be the measure of our worth as a species. In this vital contribution to the emerging field of eco-poetry, Gina Mercer reaches across the species divide, a boundary that daunts most of us. She reaches out to the exquisite riotry of life – and weaves it deftly into poems of deep empathy. She paints our ‘beige-busy days’ in the colours of wonder. It is extraordinary poetry. Read it, let it renovate your days.




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Gina Mercer enjoys a three-stranded career as a writer, teacher and editor. She’s taught in universities and communities for nearly 30 years. She’s a former editor of ‘Island’. She’s published four collections of poetry: ‘The Ocean in the Kitchen’ (1999); ‘Night Breathing’ (2006); ‘Handfeeding the Crocodile’ (2007); and ‘Seasoned with Honey’ (with 3 other poets, 2008). She’s published a novel, ‘Parachute Silk (2001), plus two academic books. She’s currently revelling in Tasmania.


‘Weaving nests with smoke and stone’, Gina Mercer’s fifth poetry collection, was launched at Hobart Bookshop, Hobart, Tasmania, on 25th November, 2015.


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