Walleah Press


winter paddock
the horse's breath
warms my hands
clearing sky
a watermelon rind
on the tide line
afternoon sun -
the whiteness
of a gliding egret

[famous reporter # 39 : Jun 2009]


a mug of coffee...
new screws in
my old table
a cat bird cries
I stroke the trunk
of a brushbox
flowering gum
the flash of mirrors
from her skirt
monday morning
sequinned sandals under
my pandanus

[famous reporter # 37 : Jun 2008]


winter grass
the wheeling kestrel's
russet back
midday hush
sound of the cow
bush track
my puppy runs towards
a lyre bird's whistle
roosting doves
the goanna's claws sunk
into the bark

[famous reporter # 35 : Jun 2007]


A week in Tasmania : haiku sequence

take off...
the plane's underbelly
lit by sunrise
arrivals gate--
today's face masks
the child I knew
bitter morning
bridge piers skewer
the pewter Derwent
90th birthday
she still sparkles
over champagne
Port Arthur--
a parrot perches
between bars
placid inlet
smoke rises from
the Isle of the Dead
sun-warmed sandstone
the roughness
of weathered chisel marks
memorial garden
a rabbit
pauses on the path
quiet road
the kilometres marked
by dead Devils
the corrugated coastline

[famous reporter  # 34 : Dec 2006]


parched grass
the bird pulls a worm
from its shadow
winter lullaby
the baby grasps
at her breath

[famous reporter # 33 : Aug 2006]


blossom -
I walk through the sound
of bees
hard-baked earth
a broken hippeastrum
oozes sap
cliff-top walk
heavy rain joins
sky to ocean
sleepless night
I tap out syllables
on my pillow

[famous reporter # 31 : Nov 2005]

NATHALIE BUCKLAND, who lives in Nimbin, has written poetry since childhood. Having discovered haiku a few years ago, she is now a member of the local haiku groups 'cloudcatchers' and 'Wollumbin Haiku Workshop'. Her work has been published both in Australia and overseas. She also sings with a women's band.