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skirting the periphery

famous reporter


lunchtime storm
in my egg sandwich
the taste of rain
intermittent rain
under a red umbrella
lovers share coffee
the cold stare of eggs
on her plate
guests gone
an allegro movement
as I clear the table
[famous reporter #  27 : Jun 2003]
silent dawn
in the tethered barge
a tramp
ageing -
each day a familiar word
slips through the net
rainy spell
the firefighters eat
their Christmas cake
New Year's Eve
all the riddles
I haven't solved
long convalescence
sitting it out
my dog and I
gurgling baby
from my garden the scent
of ripe plums

[famous reporter #  35 : Dec 2007]

the first bus -
eight people chatting
in four different tongues
lunch break -
squatting on the kerb
house painters
thickening fog -
the lame man hops
onto the last train
mountain lookout -
Dad's firm hands
on my shoulders
faster and faster
my corgi pup
chases his tail

[famous reporter #  38 : Dec 2008]



Carla Sari migrated to Australia from Italy in 1967. She writes short fiction and poetry including haiku and related forms. She has been widely published in various journals both in Australia and overseas.