clear river
the fisherman's
un-netted reflection
breathless night
the cicadas
shut up
between the dunes
evening mist
piles up

(famous reporter # 33: Aug 2006)


hot jazz
the first staccato beats
of rain
begging bowls
in the hands of children
lotus flowers

(famous reporter # 34, Dec 2006)


letting my tongue
deeper into
the strawberry sundae
red dusk
the ferris wheel
brushes clouds
first day of the show
jams settling
against their seals
last bite of
the toffee apple
first date
too scared to kiss
on the ghost train

(famous reporter # 36: Feb 2008. Graham wrote the above haiku while writer-in-residence at the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association Show in August 2007).


maple leaves scatter
across the bay
red moon
still water
the whisper of rope
against pylons

(famous reporter # 38: Dec 2008)