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Famous Reporter


spring squall
bright ties snap
from dark suits
we shelter
beneath our sunhats
spring rain

(famous reporter 35: June 2007)

dry creek bed
a high wind smudges
the skywriter's line
old wedding photographs
he looks
my childhood home
through the floorboards
summer grass
selling up
a butterfly lights on
the good china

                                        (famous reporter 36: February 2008)

log road
a wombat on the verge
library clock
the sound
between the lines
hallow's eve...
the moon reflected
in an old dog's eye
my daughter
tall now
as mother's headstone
                                       (famous reporter 37: Jun 2008)


Jo McInerney is a teacher living in country Victoria, with a partner and a daughter who also write. Some of her haiku and tanka can be found online at Modern English Tanka and The Heron's Nest.