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skirting the periphery

famous reporter


old man
alone in the park
argues with a crowd
a clock strikes
the hours of silence
between us
making tea
after the funeral
we find her favourite cup

[famous reporter # 20 : Dec 1999]

autumn rain
postergirl's face
in a fairy costume
casts a spell
not enough  brown
in the paintbox

[famous reporter # 27 : Jun 2003]


departing guests
the house
leaks warmth
empty kitchen
the ceiling fan
slicing heat
home late -
waiting up for me
the car and the moon

[famous reporter # 31 : Nov 2005]

bushfire warning
an old argument
flares up
empty house
a bulldozer
moves in
plover's homeward call
no message
on the answering machine
the baby screams
even louder
with the rain
magnolia petals
wedding anniversary
our shadows still
at the same angle

[famous reporter # 38 : Dec 2008]




Mary Hind lives in Melbourne and writes poetry and fiction. She has been writing haiku for over ten years, and has been published in a variety of Australian and overseas journals. Most recently, three of her 'rooku' (an Australian version of haiku) have appeared on Melbourne trains as part of the Moving Galleries series. She is also a member of HaikuOz.